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Type of our guest rooms.

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Capacity:West Building: 212


  • Room Facilities: Bathtub with a shower, Toilet seat with a warm-water shower feature, A/C, TV, Cable-TV, Satellite TV, Radio, Refrigerator, Hairdryer, Humidifiers combined with air cleaning device
  • Restaurants: Vue Mer (Teppanyaki), Le Mont Gagyu (Sky Lounge), LeHAVER (Lounge)
  • Shops: Montmorency (Homemade Bread and Cakes, and Souvenirs), BIBI (Bridal Products)
  • Parking Space for 150 Cars (outdoor and indoor)
  • Vending Machines (1st Floor)
  • ※Non-smoking rooms and areas are provided at restaurants.

Acceptable Credit Cards

JCB, UC, MC, DC, VISA, AMEX, DINERS, ORIENT, Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS, Central Finance, OMC, SEZON, AEON, Takashimaya, TOP, Nissen-life