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Hakodate Kokusai Hotel overlooks Hakodate Bay. In addition to its elegantly designed features, Hakodate Kokusai Hotel is also suitable for both business and sightseeing. There are 305 rooms in all. Twelve types of rooms are available from single-bedded to suite rooms. Major tourist spots are easily accessible. Near to Mt. Hakodate (twenty minutes walk to the ropeway station), the West Ward, which is famous for its church buildings, and the Goryokaku Ward (twenty minutes by streetcar).

Enjoy Selected Dishes at Hakodate Kokusai Hotel

Seven minutes walk form JR Hakodate Station.
Suitable for Sightseeing and Business.


You can enjoy our carefully selected dishes at a variety of restaurants?Hakodate local food at Matsumae, Chinese and Western food at Azalea, and drink and beautiful night view at the sky lounge, Le Mont Gagyu.