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And turn it off Ri taken Reservation Status

※Booking revocation of those who have been your reservation until August 24, 2016 from here


Single-bedded Room

The interior of muted colors, Beds were comfortable, and arranged the lighting warm, we are vigilant to comfortably enjoy stay.

All rooms are equipped with air purlfler

Room information

・Size of the room/17m2
・The width of the bed/120~140cm


Bath and toilet (bidet), air-conditioner, color TV and pay video, refrigerator, dryer · Wi-Fi system and a wired LAN · humidified air cleaner
"Internet use When"
And free Wi-Fi is available by simply get input to specify the password.
· Contact lending of equipment and terminal is not done. Please use your own terminal.
· The congestion status of your connection environment and line, Please note that communication speed might be reduced.


Bath towel, face towel, bath mat, toothbrush, shampoo and rinse, razor, Night wear, cleansing foam, comb

Floor plan